Apply Today… Work Tomorrow

At Terra Staffing, we treat our job seekers like team members, and we work together to find a position that is the right fit for both our team members and the employer.

One of the significant benefits to applicants is that our staffing agency can explore hundreds of companies and job opportunities in the time it would take you to fill out just one job application. This means that you can be matched up more quickly with a company that needs your skills, making the job hunting process generally much faster. This allows you to get back to work and get money flowing back into your pocket.

At Terra Staffing, “apply today… work tomorrow” is not only our daily mission, but also our promise to every community we serve.

Benefits for our Job-Seeking Partners






Temp-to-Perm Program

As a temp agency, our temporary-to-permanent program allows employers to hire on a qualified team member in only 60 working days at NO COST to the team member or employer. (60 working days are calculated based on a minimum of 480 working hours).

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide superior service to our team members, clients and all people that we come into contact with. We will strive to make a positive difference in people’s lives and help out in any way possible. By doing so, we believe we can build a stronger community, one team member at a time.